Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Cape Point | The Mediplexes

Soothing soothing green.
Continuing our look at Cape Point in the late 2020s. The numbers on the left correspond with the Cape Point map listing, the letter and number in brackets [eg: (G3)] are the map grid references.

72. Nazareth House Mediplex (G6)

Cape Point's largest government medical complex, built on the site of the old Nazareth House convent. This mediplex makes extensive use of a low grade AI operating across a series of diagnostic 'kiosks' situated across the site. The AI does a lot of the basic grunt-work for the clinic - no reason to pay a nurse to draw blood, check reflexes, weight, height, listen to routine complaints etc. when the kiosks can do all those jobs easily enough. It also operates as a pharmacist-dispensary. It can offer free screening for many conditions - but the medications it advises are based on a kick-back from the pharmaceutical company for each prescription. Unknown to many, the AI functions as a genetic/medical data-miner - the pharmacorps would love to know how prevalent certain medical conditions are in any given area, targeting their advertising to where it would bring the best returns. While the system serves to reduce workloads for medical staff, patients generally find that the clinics are impersonal and 'robotic'. The facility's AI is called Nazareth and has an agenda all it's own…

73. Christiaan Barnard Mediplex (D4)

The best of the central mediplexes, this facility specialises in major surgical procedures and has the best equipment government subsidies can buy. It is still a poor substitute to the private and corporate hospitals, but if the average citizen has a major medical problem, this is where they are sent for treatment. At any given time, this mediplex is overcrowded and the staff will be stressed to breaking point. The place is full of animated and holographic advertising for the major biomedical companies, even though the patrons of the clinic will never be able to afford their services.

At least it seems… hygienic.
74. Hof Street Mediplex (D6)

This mediplex specialises in Urgent Care and serves the central districts as the main Emergency Room. If Trauma Team pick you up on a basic account, or if you're found dying in the gutter, this is where you'll end up (if you are lucky). Hof Street is woefully underfunded however. Major repair work was underway here, but seems to have ground to a halt. Scaffolding and plastic sheeting has been left in situ throughout the facility. Picking up unpleasant diseases from a visit to Hof Street is sadly very common.

75. Table Mount Mediplex (L7)

An over-stretched complex of bunker-like clinics, in the shadow of two geodesics, that specialises in the treatment of disease. It speaks volumes when the mortuary is the largest part of the facility. Table Mount is in dire need of funding and operates with a skeleton staff. Expect to wait days to be seen by an actual doctor. This mediplex has been robbed of pharmaceutical stocks far too regularly recently, but the budget won't stretch to improve security. It won't be long before one of the gangs steps in to provide 'protection'.

76. Central Mediplex (G5)

The only mediplex that is willing, or able, to deal with cybernetics and implant related problems. Many of the staff here subsidise their meagre paycheques with 'freelance' work through a number of fixers operating out of The Drome. Captured cyberpsychotics tend to be brought here to be stripped down before the PSA process them properly. On those occasions where a raging 'borg is brought in, the atmosphere of the place is frighteningly tense. Zi Corporation have a couple of unwilling medtechs here on their payroll, covertly fitting experimental implants, along with tracking nanites, on the transnat's behalf.

Off to Central with you, sad android.


  1. Keep up the great work, thank you!

  2. Also, any update on Mission Creep? Thanks

    1. Nothing solid update-wise. It's a much more complicated beast than I thought. But I will not be beaten. Back on it when I finish up our tour of Cape Point.