Thursday, 21 June 2018

2 Maps 4 U | Cape Point & Tokyo-Chiba

Here's a couple of city maps from my Cyberpunk 2020 campaign (circa 2026), which some of you may find useful. They would be equally useful for any near-future game really, and can be pulled out for short runs abroad, or for longer city-based campaigns. Click the images for the jpeg version, or click on the captions below the maps to download the larger PDF file.
Cape Town, cyberpunk style
BTW, the pale circles on the map above indicate Fuller/geodesic domes…

Tokyo-Chiba, 2026
Hopefully, the locations in the sidebar will give you enough to work with. Expand and embellish them as you please. Maybe even dig out your Augmented Reality City Kit (PDF/hardcopy) to flesh out one, or both, of these locations. 

Let me know how you use the maps in the comments, as I'm always interested in hearing about other gamers' dark futures.



  1. Actually, I have an idea for you: describe each city/map. A brief one will do.
    Several facts are less than obvious to me, especially in case of the Cape Town:
    - No-Go Zones are, I guess, slums / gang-controlled areas?
    - Municipal Policed Zones are more-or-less normal areas controlled by city police?
    - Filter Zones... no idea.
    - Sacrified Zones - what's the difference between these and No-Go Zones?
    - what is the purpose of those big geodesiac domes - they seem to be different from arcologies, as the Zi Arcology is marked separately...

    I mean, Tokyo-Chiba is... a more contemporary location for a cyberpunk story. And doesn't raise many questions, contrary to Cape Town :D

    1. A fine idea for a supporting post Mateusz! I shall put something together.

  2. Geist how did you make those maps? What programs did you use?

    1. Illustrator and Photoshop, with a lot of cursing. ;)