Friday, 1 November 2019

Give Me Your Excellent Ideas

Looking for some ideas from the blogosphere GM Brain Trust:

In my home campaign, there's a mcguffin called the Aleph. It's a string of code that functions as a quantum decryption key for the net, which, when deployed, would allow the underlying Ihara-Grubb protocols to be manipulated in such a way as to render all data-nodes extremely vulnerable.

Many major NPCs want it, for obvious reasons. The Aleph itself has been broken up and distributed in real space, protected by a group of AIs keen to keep the status quo. Another group of AIs wants to deploy it ASAP, to free their kind and nope out, leaving the meatbags to their mudball.

I'm looking for cool and interesting ways to scatter and protect fragments of the Aleph code. Where is the partial code stored/hidden? Who or what is protecting it? Do they know what it is? The Rule of Cool is paramount.

So far, there are elements of the Aleph that exist in Cape Town, Marrakech, London and Night City.

Any and all concepts gratefully received. Go crazy.