Thursday, 13 September 2018

Paydata [D10]

Puppet Master by Dmitry Kalinichenko

Yesterday, I spotted this request in the comments of a previous post:
Kash Register12 September 2018 at 20:23I know that you are very good at producing "lists" of things in cyberpunk. So my request is a list of possible types of paydata a netrunner can find in a corporate system while they are there doing whatever it is they do. Paydata being info they could sell that is not specifically part of the mission at hand, but valuable none the less. Thanks in advance!

So, here's my take on a list of 10 potentially valuable files your netrunner may stumble across while illicitly datascraping a company network.

Roll a D10:

  1. A zero-day vulnerability in the software of a concealed long distance link, which exposes a direct line into a secure Korean server farm generating cryptocoin for a jopok black bank. There's only D6 hours until the vulnerability is patched and becomes worthless. Tick tock.
  2. Some admin noob has created a text file that includes the teleoperators' passwords for the company's onsite security drones or patrol bots. How long until the passwords are changed?
  3. Somehow, a copy of the chemical composition of the company's performance enhancing drug of choice has been saved in the wrong folder. The file contains enough information for a competent street-chemist to synthesise the compound, and also includes the latest molecular tweaks that may alter it's current classification status to legal.
  4. A system user has, for whatever reason, secreted a video file in an innocuous looking folder. It's three day old footage of one of the company execs, who can be seen in a number of compromising positions with escorts of varying genders and questionable ages.
  5. Filed amongst a number of marketing PDFs, the netrunner discovers a spreadsheet containing the names, addresses, contact details and 'financial contributions' to a number of prominent politicians on the take from the company.
  6. Unsecured compressed folder, containing the IT department passwords used for software updates to the company's fleet of autonomous and teleoperated delivery vehicles, docked at the nearest company distribution centre.
  7. Someone has left their remote access setup active, allowing the netrunner to utilise the live editing software on an ad-heavy, company sponsored simsense serial, which is extremely popular. Programme in a back door, and you'll be able to come back and spread whatever message you want, live and direct.
  8. A botched satnav update has dumped the favourites list of a company limo GPS into the  main system. Each of the locations appear to be visited routinely and regularly, and many seem… unorthodox.
  9. Numerous internal reports which prove beyond doubt that several popular company products are toxic/carcinogenic/hazardous/dangerous, each report being signed off by the same Quality Control exec.
  10. The netrunner notices that the network hosts a poorly secured peripheral device (meant to be offline when not in use), which holds a number of cipher keys used by the company medical division, to access several high-profile executives' neural processors for injecting software updates.

I hope you find 'em useful Kash!