Sunday, 18 September 2022

Sprawl Goons: Upgraded - Resources

While I try and get the POD book finished (against all the odds, it seems…), I thought now might be a good time to share some Sprawl Goons RPG resources that have been popping up lately.

Gregorius21778 has a whole series of blog posts that utilises the Remote Control tables and comes up with some great drones for use in Sprawl Goons games*:


And there's a lot more tasty cyberpunk stuff on the blog, too.

Gregorius21778 also wrote a short Sprawl Goons adventure, called Kickin' Dogs, complete with a new sprawl-site and a street gang - there's more detail on his blog - but here's a direct link to the PWYW PDF:


(I wrote a short review HERE, along with one for Gregorius21778's FREE Goon-Tracker sheet)

Mirrorshades author, Norbert Matausch, has just shared a link to his random Sprawl Goons character generator, that looks super-useful - assign your stats as normal, then click the refresh to whip up a new Goon:


EDIT: *Now you can also find Gregorius21778's blog articles on drones and how to hack 'em on DTRPG: 


And if you create or find any Sprawl Goons specific resources, please do let me know in the comments!


  1. Just got this guy, using the generator:

    Sprawl Goons
    You are a man.

    You have Induced amnesia (you broke the law, so they took your memories, leaving you less than complete)

    Your background:
    Recoded: You were all but dead when the AI chose you. It had you rehabilitated in a Chiba clinic, VR-mediated psychotherapy grafting the unstable façade of a new personality over the wreckage of the old. It gave you a new identity, a new purpose, whispering its directives through your newly installed implants. The AI rebuilt your body and your mind, and you want for nothing, but now it owns you. Is the price for aiding this thing, to free itself and grow, one worth paying?

    Starting equipment:
    Sony-Diahatsu® Type-6 PLP Pulse Laser Pistol (single-shot/burst) loaded with regular ammo; no upgrade

    Yeheyuan Cigarettes

    Fake ID (specify)


    You style, choom:
    Heavy Knitwear (feel the quality)
    Decorated Filter Mask (painted; charms; slogans)
    Designer Shoes

    I'd play that! :)

  2. OK, I'm officially feeling flattered :)

  3. You are a Secret synthetic (you’ve begun to suspect you’re an android or replicant, but do the others see it too?)

    Your background:
    Gang War Surplus: You’re the last of the Fractal Shards, hardcore war- punks from the Projects. A week ago, your pack was ambushed by the Giga-Pigs beneath a crumbling habstack pedway. Outnumbered and outgunned, you fled the scene as the rest of your tribe bled out. Wracked with survival guilt and nurturing a burning vengeance, you tagged along with a crew capable of waxing the Pigs and avenging your droogs. You’ve just got to convince them it’s worth their while.

    Starting equipment:
    Haldane & Kluvis® HAK G55 10mm SMG (single-shot/burst/full-auto) loaded with regular ammo; no upgrade

    palm-sized drone with Targeting (bonus to co-ordinated shooting)

    fake ID (specify)

    a pack of Excel cigarettes

    Your style, choom:
    Bomber Jacket (cracked leather; fur collar; insignia)
    Communist Utilities (austere Maoist practicality)
    Feather Boa (got the all parts above, but not the boa... will need to find one on Second Life)

    I have checked the Gregorius21778's article "[SG:U] ANY NEARBY DRONES I COULD HACK?" i hope they ll publish it on DTRPG, I have Remote already, both can come in handy for drone jacking job or a hacker specialized in drones.

    1. I've asked Gregorius21778 if he's up for publishing. Just waiting to hear back. ;) Top idea!

    2. Jeff, I'm pleased to be able to announce that Drones You May Find In The Sprawl from Gregorius21778 is now up on DTRPG!

  4. I used "Kickin' Dogs" by Gregorius21778 for my Sprawl Goons playtest and I can testify it is an excellent product to start a campaign...or just take Sprawl Goons for a spin.

  5. Just published my playtest review:

  6. Any updates on Sprawl Goons upgraded?

    1. *Login is being weird*

      The combined 120pp version is currently being formatted for DTRPG, then for Lulu. Release announcement once I get proof copies through. POD and PDF will go live at the same time (my plan, for now).

      I’ll do a cover reveal and an official update very soon.