Friday, 4 March 2022

Sprawl Goons: Upgraded - Kickin' Dogs

Kickin' Dogs is the FIRST EVAH third party adventure created specifically for Sprawl Goons: Upgraded, written by Kai Puetz aka Gregorius 21778, with the blessing of yours truly.

As it states on the cover, KD is focussed on 'an odd job to be done in a hurry', which is, typically, the bread-and-butter of every goon in the Sprawl. 

At 14 pages, it's nicely detailed for a PWYW title and includes data on the Razordogz gang, their area of operations in the Sprawl, the Johnsman Cut-Off, the gang's bolt-hole, as well as the antagonists and the person-of-interest. 

It's open and freeform, allowing a variety of plans and solutions to be concocted by your players, which is a favourite GM strategy of mine. Kickin' Dogs also includes all the DS numbers and NPC details you'll need to run your PCs through this one or two session scenario.

Note: English is not the author's first language, but that isn't an issue in the main, and his love of all things cyberpunk really shines through. All in all, a great little scenario at a great price. I like it. I'd run it.

Also released by Kai, is the rather handy dandy Goon Tracker Sheet. This one is a freebie, and is exactly what you'd expect - its a sheet for keeping tabs on your NPCs and their DS numbers (and any other notes you might want to add).

Definitely one of those things I wish I'd come up with! 

Super useful, and you can't go wrong with a free download.


  1. Nice! Grabbed a copy! I come from fantasy (exploration, problem solving) and I'm always having it difficult to come up with "quests" or how cyberpunk games work. Nice inspiration. Thanks for the recommendation!