Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Grid Variants

Ishmadrad makes a good point in the comments section of yesterday's Augment Your Reality post. They wrote:

take the Downtown Drop Down Grid. I roll a d10, getting a "6", so sixth row. There, I see 6 "squares" of different sizes. Let's say that those squares have those numbers inside: Vehicle Showroom (1-2), Fashion Boutique (3-4), Commercial Cybernetics (5-7), Mall (8), VRcade (9), Gym (10).
So, if I roll another d10, and I get a 10, I obtain a Gym.

This system retains the different weights of each "building", so it's rarer to get a Bank, in comparison to an Office Block.

So, I did some thinkifying and pixel bothering, and created numbered variants for each of the three drop down grids from Augmented Reality (see link to the right, or click here). So, rather than drop dice on the grid (which you can still do), you can roll 2D10 instead - one you read down, the other across. The three new pages are included in one PDF document, and can be downloaded for free here.

The Downtown Grid given the Ishmadrad Treatment™