Thursday, 12 January 2017

Further Adventures in POD

Sez my 8-bit brain.
[An Augmented Reality print update for those who are waiting to buy hard copies.]

Well, I received my POD proof copy of Augmented Reality yesterday and I was very surprised to find the pages in the wrong order. It seems my book has been printed with the second half of the book at the front, and the first half of the book at the back! Yet the PDF proof was fine!

Also, the stylish black thumb spaces are in the crease and not the outer edges of the pages. Unacceptable!

Most of my time since it arrived has been spent cursing.

I've contacted the printer and I'm waiting to see how they will resolve the issue. Once they have, I'll be sure to post the news up here to let you guys know that they are available.

On the up side, the cover looks very nice.

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