Thursday, 26 January 2017

Augmented Reality City Kit Now Available In Print

With a cheeky red to celebrate (not included).
Yesterday, I received my second (and correct) proof copy of the Augmented Reality city kit, and I'm really happy with it. The cover is nice and glossy, the interior pages, crammed with holistic cyberpunk awesome, are super crisp and clean.

So, I am pleased to announce that I can finally make the book available to purchase via the good folks at

Get yours here:

Now, those of you who have downloaded the PDF will notice the page numbering is slightly different in the print version (page 4 is now page 3 for example, at Lulu's insistence), but the contents page and other page number references have all been changed to account for that. The print copy is just as easy to follow and use as the PDF.

Obligatory piss-poor cyberoptic shot.
Also, the 2D10 optional grid pages aren't included in the print version, but they are still available for download for free on the blog at this link, should you want them.

And for those who still prefer their content made of pixels, the PDF is still freely available in the side bar, and on DriveThruRPG should you want to toss me a few beer tokens.

Finally, those of you making use of the city kit at your gaming tables, let me know how it's working out for you in the comments, as I'm genuinely curious to know if you guys are finding it a helpful resource.

Right. Back to working on Mission Creep

Thanks for looking.


  1. Saw this reviewed a few weeks back and got instantly put on my wishlist. Picked up the PDF and put an order in for the print copy as well. Looking forward to Mission Creep!

    1. Thanks Maldroth! I hope you enjoy the craziness contained within. I freely admit that I need to pull my finger out on Mission Creep though! LOL