Thursday, 1 December 2016

Acquired Technology

Work continues on the city kit. In the meantime, have some minor tech-related table shards.

So, you found (or stole) a tech thing… could be a tablet device, a cybernetic lung, a plasma repeater rifle in the 40 watt range. Neat. But what state is it in?
You so subtle, man.

D10 Technology Condition
  1. Chequered History, Well Used
  2. State-of-the-art, Designer, Cutting Edge Aesthetics
  3. Buggy and Unpredictable
  4. Sought After and Unstable R&D Prototype
  5. Unlicensed Clone Copy
  6. Obvious Foreign Counterfeit
  7. Robust, Basic, Possibly Broken
  8. MilSpec and Bomb Proof
  9. Elegant, But Fragile
  10. Intuitive, Plug-and-play, Modular

And then you found (or stole) a cellphone, agent or computer, and Grabby the netrunner has a crafty look-see. What does she find?

D10 What's On That Stolen Device?
  1. Contacts List - a mix of pure gold and depressingly mundane
  2. Schematics - building, vehicle, cybernetics
  3. Compromising Image Files (GM needs to determine who)
  4. Chemical or Pharmaceutical Formulas
  5. Unreleased Beta Gaming Apps
  6. Illegally Downloaded Music - some tracks are prerelease; copy protections removed
  7. Black Operation Project - an extraction? Wetwork? Adulterating pharms? Neo-disease?
  8. Weapons Tech R&D Data
  9. Presentation For Forthcoming Biotech Launch
  10. V-Mail Conversation Threads - regarding one or more of the above (roll again)
Sweet. But when's the railgun going to be fitted?

As always, comments and criticisms welcome.

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