Thursday, 1 December 2016

MetSec: The Future of Urban Pacification

Prototype SO1 Synthetic
In my current campaign, the core of the action takes place in a future London, now known officially as the Metropolitan Civil Protectorate.

Being a monolithic fascist city-state, the powers that be police the neon-drenched streets with the state funded paramilitaries of Metropolitan Security, or MetSec.

Often referred to as the Old Bill, the Rozzers or simply the Filth, under-manned and under-funded, the men and women of MetSec are the thin, black and hi-visibility line between order and anarchy.

The Divisions

• D1 - MetSec Uniform Patrol (MUP - standard patrol officers)
• D2 - AeroSec (aerial patrol, monitoring and transport)
• D3 - ChemSec (science division, forensics, pathology, narcotics)
• D4 - MetTech (technology felonies)
• D5 - Cybernetic Suppression Division (C-SWAT equivalent)
• D6 - Public Order Unit (riot control)
• D7 - NetSec (transmission felonies including fraud and intrusion)
• D8 - MedSec (body recovery unity, patrol extraction)
• D9 - MetSec Investigation Division (vice, murder, organised crime)
• D10 - SO1 (special operations, anti-terror)
• D11 - Dispatch & Communications
• D12 - Corporate & Media Liaison
• D13 - Internal Security Bureau (ISB)
• D14 - Administration & Procurement

Ranks still follow the old Metropolitan Police model; Constable, Sergeant, Inspector, Chief Inspector, Superintendent, Chief Superintendent, Commander, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, Commissioner. MID ranks are preceded by a D for Detective e.g.: DC for Detective Constable, DS for Detective Sergeant, DI for Detective Inspector and DCI for Detective Chief Inspector.

There are often conflicting operations between MetTech, the CSD and NetSec, and blurred jurisdictions between the CSD and SO1, whereas the MID just seems to get into every other division's business. The ISB see themselves as wholly removed from the other divisions, the command structure very much in the pocket of elements within MI5 and the Ministry of Information Retrieval, as well as being infiltrated by various corporate actors.

MetSec's newer equipment is supplied by Arasaka, the transnational recently winning the contract previously fulfilled by Sentry International, a subsidiary of Militech, specialising in public order and urban pacification technologies. There is a mix of both companies' kit in the supply chain, although Arasaka is limiting access to gear that can use munitions compatible with the older Militech hardware, which is causing some shortages and subsequently hamstringing certain hostile contact procedures.

Private enclaves, micro-states and gated communities do not fall under the jurisdiction of MetSec, rather they are policed by private security contractors such as Monarch and Black Eagle.

Unsurprisingly, Community Support Officers, much like social workers and good manners, are very much a thing of the past.

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  1. Thank you.

    Incidentally, the fixer in my London campaign has just become beholden to a corrupt MID detective (DCI Sumera Pratesh), and now has to pay her hush money… :D