Friday, 9 December 2016

Subcult Miscreants

She'll cut you up real good.
Work on the city kit continues apace, so I thought I would preview another spread, this time it's the quintessential gang generator. Simply read across the columns to quickly bring a street gang in to play, or roll several times to get a more unusual, mixed result.

There are complimentary tables (now complete) that show you what the gang is up to, that help you generate important or associated gang NPCs, and a table that gives you some rumours or hooks to use with your freshly minted subcult miscreants.

Other generators recently completed, and with a similar layout to the gangs table, we have 50 insane corporate aristocrats along with 50 dubious fixers and facemen, with associated tables to give you even more details, but more on those at a later date.

Also nearing completion, we have the oft requested Mr Johnson tables; one with people as targets, one with desired 'things'. Again, more to be revealed later.

For now, feast your eyes on these Urban Tribes.

Click to embiggen.

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