Tuesday 12 March 2024

Sprawl Goons:Upgraded - Talking Cybrids

Cybrid geisharoid model from Kanawa-Mendez.

The ever-excellent Sprawl Goons supporter and content creator, Gregorius21778 has posted an interview with my good self on his blog regarding Cybrids, the synthetic humanoids of the "Sprawlverse".

So, what is a Cybrid?

My inspirations were the synthetics of the Alien movies, the replicants of Blade Runner, the michikoids of The Peripheral, the hosts of West World and the androids of Hyperion, amongst others.

From the Sprawl Lexicon on page 3 of Sprawl Goons:Upgraded Carbon Edition:

Cybrid - A bioplastic synthetic, like an android or replicant.

Clavel execs observe the first printing of their latest R&D model.

And you can choose to be a cybrid player character, with the following background from page 10 of the Carbon Edition rulebook:  

Fugitive Cybrid

You’re a cybrid, a bioplastic synthetic, designed and fabricated by the Clavel corporation. You’ve endured the hardships of indentured labour in hazardous assembleries; combed toxic coastlines for reusables; repaired habitats in the cold vacuum of space. There’s an RFID shard implanted deep inside you, and your owners will undoubtedly be looking to recover their investment. What happens if they find you? What are you willing to do to remain free?

But outside of my carbon-fibre skull, that's all we knew. Until now!

In the linked interview, I answer 10 questions that define the technology, the social impact, who makes them and how to identity them (if you know how). Find out more here.

Hopefully, there will be more of these articles outlining the elements of the game-world in the future!

On the streets of the Flow, revolution is coming.