Wednesday 26 July 2023

The Flow


The Flow is a city.

The Flow is also people, finance, goods, data, all channeling through the filthy arteries of the metroplex, 24 hours a day.

And it's what the locals call their corner of this decaying sprawl of stratoscrapers, assembleries, habstacks, arcologies, multi-malls, company hubs, geodesics and hive-slums; a metropolitan axis that stretches all the way from Boston to Atlanta. Nobody on the street can remember what this place used to be called anymore.


A system-neutral cyberpunk city sandbox, including a map and 80 DETAILED LOCATIONS spread across 21 dystopian districts. A perfect place to set your cyberpunk campaign. Its out now.



**NOTE: If you already own the Sprawl Goons: Upgraded CARBON EDITION, you already have the contents of this PDF! This is being made aviailable for those who don't.**