Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Sprawl Goons: Upgraded - Is This Plugged In?

Greets. Long time, no post!What have I been up to aaaaaall this time? Well, I've been beavering away during lockdown, including contributions to the avant-garde cyberpunk RPG, successfully kickstarted by Chance Phillips, Dancing With Bullets Under A Neon Sunbased loosely on the Black Hack, as well as expanding my cyberpunk hack of the ENnie Award-winning Tunnel Goons by Nate Treme.

Following the well received Booster Pack, the second supplement is out now. Both the Booster Pack and the Plug-In Pack, along with some of the Sprawl Goons: Upgraded content, is extremely easy to port over to other cyberpunk games, especially the rules-lite offerings. So, even if you don't goon around in the sprawl, they may be worth a look-see. Go have a virtual browse.

Available at DTRPG and itch.io

The blatant commerce bit:

Sprawl Goons: Upgraded - Plug-In Pack

You thought you'd seen the best lite dark future gaming with Sprawl Goons: Upgraded and the option-heavy Booster Pack, now Geist Hack Games brings you the Plug-In Pack, 17 pages of new content to push the cyberpunk fun even further!

• More optional rules - fast draws, snipers, suppressive fire, the Hollywood hordes rule, drug addiction, campaign progression, and more!

• A 2d6 selection of cyberspace consoles

• 2d6 hot weapon modifications

• 2d6 deadly heavy weapons

• 2d6 personal drones to give your character the edge

• 36 (d66) additional and varied augmentations from the top manufacturers, plus their benefits

• 2d6 shardware examples, for use with the Savvy Jack implant

• Cybershell death

• A la mode - 36 (d66) aesthetic affectations for cyberpunks

My next project looks to be either a companion volume to the Augmented Reality city kit, or a Lulu POD hardcopy of the three Sprawl Goons books in one compact volume. Choices, choices…

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