Sunday 7 July 2024

Sprawl Goons: Upgraded - Talking Biocops

Following on from our discussion of Cybrids, Gregorius21778 and I have had another chat about my vision of the Sprawl Goons setting, and this time we talked about the biocops of the Cognition Verification Bureau, whose job it is to hunt and retire the very cybrids we looked at in March.

Here's the LINK

While the inspiration is obviously from the movie Blade Runner (and it's imitators), there are enough little tweaks to make them their own thing in SG:U, where they will be running around The Flow, tracking down all manner of dangerous synthetic and artificial persons brought into the world by transnationals like Clavel Industries.

And you can even play a PC with the Agent background (from page 14):

Cognition Verification Agent

You were a biocop for the Cognition Verification Bureau, hunting down and retiring illegally manufactured and modified rogue cybrids, and other dangerous synthetic intelligence, like the prohibited ATIDs smuggled in from the Zones. You worked in tandem with the cops and Homeland to bring down your prey. You were good, the very best, but you walked away when the deactivations started to feel like murders.

Once again, the interview (link above) consists of 10 questions, each adding detail to the Bureau, and the men and women of that 'thin true line'.

Let me know in the comments if there are any other aspects of the Sprawlverse you'd like to know more about.

Thanks for looking.

Artwork from the Blade Runner 2039 comicbooks.

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