Sunday, 8 May 2022

Sprawl Goons - The Updatification

Another (very brief) update.

Layout on the POD edition is almost complete. Just working up a sandbox (teaser below) and some associated assets to round off the project. Once I'm happy with all the content, I'll get the book upped to Lulu and pull the trigger on the proof copy.

Extremely excited to get this finished and in to your augmented hands.

More soon. :)


  1. Hype! I think this plus advice for running a cyberpunk would be great! Also, all random tables found in the different sprawl goons books be together. I had trouble having to remember/look up where a certain random table was.

    1. All the tables from the three PDFs (and some extras) are included in the layout and everything has been reordered to make sense. I'll also be including the sandbox setting teased above, to provide an urban playground.

      As for advice, remember that cyberpunk adventures are usually heists, kidnappings, extractions, recovery jobs and thefts, with hi-tech dressing. The secret ingredient is crime! Sometimes, however, it's simply about fucking over a corporation.

      Also, there's some good starter advice for cyberpunk GMs here:

    2. Thanks a lot for your advice! I'm mainly a solo rpg player (that is why I love random tables a lot) and very interested in cyberpunk. I like the hacker trope a lot, but when I try to play a game with a hacker, I always end up doing most of the game with the hacker researching online. I think I need to focus more on the johnson and special ops.

      BTW how do you handle knowledge based skills in sprawl goons? I mean, sure you have the mental skill (don't remember the specific name right now), but I think that a strategic character could not know how to hack or a hacker not knowing about military strategy. In sprawl goons, if any of those characters have a hacking deck, they would be able to hack the same, wouldn't they?

    3. There's a bit more detail on hacking in the upcoming POD edition.

      Knowledge-based checks use Cognition, generally. The Backgrounds were created to add a vague definition of what characters may or may not be able to do, such as being able to hack (the Nodejacker, etc.) or strategy (the Zone War Veteran or Panzer Mind, etc.), but they aren't an essential element to play, being more for flavour. And remember, you can create your own.

      Ultimately, you could decide any character-type can hack, as long as they have a cyberspace console, but they will need a decent Cognition. Or you could say that a character would need at least a Cognition 2 or 3 to be able to intelligently manipulate the net, if you want fewer hacker characters. It's really up to you.

      Difficulty Scores are designed to handle most things, whether it be a fist fight, or figuring out some prototype technology.

    4. Thanks again for your reply! Can't wait ti get the new version!
      Will there be any discounts if we have the previous version?

    5. No problem. :)

      I'm trying to figure how to do it, but yes, hopefully.