Thursday, 25 January 2018

Wired Neon Cities

I seem to have fallen unexpectedly in love with Wired Neon Cities by +Scott Malthouse of The Trollish Delver fame… 

It's just the right kind of minimalist game which the Augmented Reality city kit was designed to compliment. So few words, yet so much potential for expansion. This game, like Scott's other offerings, is hyper efficient. Like, 1d6 efficient!

The crunch-lover in me felt a few things could be worked up to add some extra detail; more drones, firearms, more augments etc., but that's the appeal to me, rather than a criticism; I love inventing shit. And this game makes me want to invent a ton of stuff for it, so much.

In short, Wired Neon Cities gets a Geisty cybernetic thumbs-up! 

Go and get it.

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