Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Regarding Zak S

Many of you are probably aware that Zak Smith aka Zak Sabbath has been outed as an abuser.


I believe Mandy.

And some of you may be aware that Zak's work on Vornheim inspired me to write and publish the Augmented Reality city kit. I asked him for his permission at the time, to ensure he was okay with an unknown such as myself taking his ideas and extrapolating them into an imagined future. He gave me the green light, for which I was very grateful. Hence why I credited him in the book - it seemed only fair.

Things have now changed.

Please do not perceive the book credit in AR as condoning or supporting his vile behaviour. I am looking at replacing the relevant text as soon as I can. I do not endorse Zak or any of his works. His behaviour is unforgivable. He has lost my respect utterly.

With that in mind, I sent him this email Tuesday morning (12/02/19):

I received this in return:

To which I reiterated:

I'll now wait and see what he comes back with.

I am making this public so that Zak cannot claim that he had my support or permission to use my tables for his Demon City project. I doubt he would have included my name in the book anyway, and no money was ever offered, but I wanted to make sure nobody mistook me for a Zak ally. I am not.

I want to thank Mandy, Hannah and Jennifer (and now Vivka Grey*) for speaking up. It was exceptionally brave of them to do so. I certainly hope that, with the truth now being known, they can all recover from this horrific episode and start to heal.


NB: Comments now disabled due to zakpuppeting.


  1. I'm sad to hear that another person who made valuable game content turned out to be a bad human being in real life.
    Your will to not be associated with such person is completely understandable.

  2. I never associated your work as being an endorsement of Zak's actions. It stands in its own right.